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AI search on all your data.

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Leverage AI to search, summarize, and reference your data seamlessly.


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Problems & solutions

File Context Retention

ChatGPT and other LLMs only solutions doesn't remember the context of your files.

File Upload Limit

Other apps have file size limit and can only handle a few files at a time, whereas Eee. can manage GBs of unstructured data.

Model Support

Eee. supports a broad range including small and large GPTs, Mistral, Claude, and Llama series.

Persistent Context

ChatGPT does not retain file context after sessions. Eee. uses RAG technology to maintain relevant context.

Collaboration and Privacy

Eee. is exploring features for collaborative use within organisations and privacy-enabled LLMs to handle proprietary data securely.

File Type Support

Other chat to files apps only support a few file types. Eee. supports all major file types.

Multi-file Search

Eee. can search over multiple files at once, unlike most other solutions.


Eee. cites page numbers, line numbers and authors.

Eee. enables you and your organisation to make sense of your data.

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